When you have an ongoing HR technology project with Principal Group, you get access to ongoing Project Support, which helps manage and facilitate the use of the technology. After the go-live of your project, you can count on us to provide technology management. This added benefit includes several key features.

Project Management

Our robust client-side support and management personnel give your team the extra horsepower it needs to run effectively. You’ll never be left hung out to dry with us by your side.

Data Extraction & Transformation

Unless your business deploys HR technology on day one, you will face the challenge of moving employee data to a new system. First, we collect the necessary data from your previous system. Next, the data must be standardized and backed up to match the new technology. These services are included with Project Support from the Principal Group.

Test Planning and Execution

The final deployment phases include a series of testing rounds to ensure the scraped data and technology are communicating properly. Finally, the new technology is pushed live. While a perfect launch would include no post-launch issues, that is rarely the case, and our ongoing project management involvement ensures any remaining kinks are worked out.

Change Management & End User Training

We work to cover any future changes needed to the software so they can be deployed quickly and without critical errors. We also train HR team members and end users to use the new HR technology.