HCM Implementation Support

The first step to a successful HCM Implementation is building a strong foundation that includes planning, a thorough roadmap, clearly defined roles, stakeholder approval, and plans for future changes. 

This is where Principal excels. Our HCM Implementation Support solution includes pre-project planning services starting with an on-site workshop with up to 15 representatives or a 12-week project readiness engagement. Whatever your interest and needs, your team will be ready with the knowledge and tools you need to manage the implementation of your new system or platform.

Implementation Planning Roadmap

If you love it when a plan comes together, the first thing you’ll need is a plan. We’ll work with you to develop a solid roadmap with plenty of forethought and insight to set your new launch up for success. Here, we’ll discuss the complete feature set needed and how to achieve the desired project results.

Roles & Responsibilities

Next, we’ll assign clear roles and responsibilities. While having input and insight from all team members is valuable, if roles and responsibilities aren’t defined early, it can lead to a muddy decision-making process throughout the project development rollout.

Stakeholder approval

It can feel easier to make decisions and move the needle forward when key stakeholders aren’t as involved during the planning phases of a project. However, without presenting clear goals and plans to key stakeholders, your project may hit a frustrating roadblock further down the line. We’ll work with you to ensure key stakeholders are aligned.

Change Management

Our service includes a pre-project readiness and creating post-launch change management and operations planning. Launching a rocket into space is one thing, but having a plan to return to Earth is equally as important. We have the best practices and team ready to ensure HCM implementation will be successful in the long run.


Getting Started With HCM Implementation Support


Our experienced consultants will spend up to 2 days onsite, with up to 15 representatives for just $2000 (not inclusive of travel, location/room fees, beverages etc.) helping you plan for project success. From there, we can either help you with your implementation OR co-create and work with your team throughout the planning and implemtation process. 


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